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            Rechargeable Batteries

            Rechargeable batteries come in many shapes and sizes like as AA & AAA rechargeables with many uses, such as digital camera batteries . We sell a range of good quality, powerful, long lasting and cheap rechargeable batteries from well known brands like Duracell, Digimax, Uniross and more. The best AA, AAA & PP3 9v rechargeable batteries can be recharged up to 1000 times. They cost a few pence in electricity to charge a set of 4, and come in many different capacities such as the very high capacity 2900mah. The higher the mAh (milliAmps/hour) the longer the battery will last and the better it is for use in high power devices, such as a camera battery or flashlight. We also sell many very powerful C & D size rechargeable batteries.

            9v PP3 (R22) Rechargeable Batteries
            9 volt PP3 Rechargeable Batteries for smoke alarms etc
            AA (LR06) Rechargeable Batteries
            AA NiMH rechargeable batteries for remote controls to digital cameras
            AAA (LR03) Rechargeable BatteriesAAA (LR03) Rechargeable Batteries
            AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries for cordless phones to digital cameras
            C size (LR14) Rechargeable BatteriesC size (LR14) Rechargeable Batteries
            C size (LR14) Ni-MH rechargeable batteries for devices such as torches, stereos etc
            D size (LR20) Rechargeable BatteriesD size (LR20) Rechargeable Batteries
            D size (LR20) Ni-MH rechargeable batteries for high powered torches & stereos etc

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            Best Sellers

            Extreme 2900 AA Rechargeable Batteries
            Digimax 1 hour LCD Charger

            Fujimax 2800 mah AA Rechargeable Batteries

            Digimax 750 mah Rechargeable AAAs
            Extreme 280 mah 9v PP3 Rechargeable Battery

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            Battery Vault is upfront           visit the FSB website          Shopping directory            Reviewed and approved by the Good Net Guide      Reviewed and approved by the Good Shop Guide

            Here at BatteryVault we know how important your power needs are. Today’s electronic devices require a continuous and reliable source. Our aim is to supply rechargeable batteries, battery chargers, alkaline batteries, lithium batteries, cordless phone batteries, hobby battery packs and more at discounted prices, delivered fast.

            At BatteryVault we are proud to also sell digital memory cards, USB flash memory drives and torches. We also now sell a range of Digital Cameras, Digital Camera Batteries and Digital Camera Battery Chargers.

            Our range of NiMH batteries include AA, AAA, 9v PP3, C size and D size. Our range is extensive and provide high power. The new Extreme 'Ready to use'  come pre-charged, ready to use out of the packet and they also retain their charge longer than other rechargeables.

            Battery Chargers: We stock a range of AA & AAA chargers, which include: Uniross Sprint 90 minute Fast Battery Charger with car adapter, 1 hour superfast LCD battery charger, Extreme LCD Fast AA & AAA battery charger with USB charging and many more.

            We also have an ever expanding range of Alkaline Batteries which includes AA, AAA, C size & D size and other types such as size N/LR1 and A23.

            Our brands include: Duracell, Uniross, Energizer, Fujimax, GP, Panasonic, Sandisk and more.

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